Sunday, August 10, 2008

And the Winner is.........

All the names were put into a tea cup. Then my assistant mixed up the names in the cup.

And the winner of the first prize is................................................... she is so excited
trying to show us the name....... himm still no luck reading it
Ohhh it is Emily congrats.

Now onto the second prize.....

and the winner is Candy
Opps my girl is having so much fun she has drawn another name so I better give out a third prize and it goes to Suzie Button.
I better stop her now before she draws out any more names....

Girls please email me at with your postal address.

Thankyou to every one who entered:)


Suzie Button said...

Thanks so much! You're sweet to give out prizes, and your little girl is too cute!

Candy said...

Im so shocked!! This is the first give away I have EVER won!!!!! Thanks so kindly! Im touched!

I always said that if someone ever sent me something, I would send them something in return! If I won a giveaway or got a gift, I always send a gift back to that person. So I am excited to send you something too!!!!! Im going to send you a little something soon. Did you get the little package I sent last you with the fabrics yet by the way? This time I will see if I have a pretty linen to mail you!!!!

I really cant believe Im getting a gift from someone!

Love Candy

emily said...

YAY! I seriously never win anything! Thanks so much! I'm so excited to get them! Thanks again!


a day in the life of bella said...

Congratulations, ladies!!!

Nice contest, Bek and cutie patootie assistant, too!